Mast & Co Builders exclusively builds well designed, thoughtful, energy efficient buildings.  We pride ourselves on effective collaboration with clients and architects through honest communication and professional service.  The process of designing and building a home is a complex and personal experience.   Transparency, communication and organization are the tools we use to help you navigate the process and ultimately realize your vision.  Mast & Co Builders will bring to your project a cohesive team of carpenters, subcontractors and consultants who excel in their field and enjoy working together. 

If this approach speaks to you, take a look through our portfolio because we feel it speaks for us.  Follow us on our Instagram feed to see what is happening right now.  Give us a call, we like talking about building and are happy to give out references.

We like people.  We like interesting. We like a challenge.  We like building.

The Team

Chris Chitty
Owner.  Project manager.  Lover of all things Swedish and wooden.  

Damian Mast
Owner. Project manager.  Climber musician and maker of bad puns

Jesse Crowe
Long history in the trades furniture on down.  Musician.  Father.

Doug King
Long time carpenter.  Accomplished furniture builder and timber framer.  Climber.

Jack Straus
Cabinet school, extensive cabinet making and trim experience, Ski Racer, Lover of Phil Collins

Jimmy Fragnito
Graduated from high school early and started framing houses.  Has framed over 300 houses in his career.

Ben Chitty
Laborer, Wanderer, new owner of an Astro Van.

Levi Parchen                                                                                                                                               Climber, Rigger, Ginger, Painter,

Dean Towarniki                                                                                                                                                Climber, Tower Climber, Hunter, Trapper, Mountain Man, Maker of Purses